"Data Science": Valuation support for consultants

We provide our benchmarking analyses that are based on public data and thus parameterised simulation models to evaluators and consultants.


Data analytics for valuation mandates

We provide state-of-the-art tools for fast but high-quality aggregation of relevant macroeconomic, sector- and company-specific data.

Your supplementary “analysis laboratory” – don’t miss any relevant data

Secure data science capacity: We have an absolute advantage in benchmarking because our “machine room” is set up for this. In addition, we can extend your analysis e.g. by ranking and by simulating value drivers. We invite you to put our tools and our expertise to the test – and check for bits and bytes.

Benchmarking and simulation as a continuation of the analyses


We help with the modelling of uncertainties


We provide an interdisciplinary team with high-performance tools

We are an interdisciplinary team with experienced analysts. Employees with decades of experience in the auditing and capital market environment, quant analysts, economists and ESG specialists work together on an interdisciplinary basis. We bring “data science” and “human factor” together in the best possible way.

Capacities you won’t find elsewhere


Gain more time and a wider range of services: We are an analysis house – ANALYTICS. Choose analytical building blocks from our wide range of services and concentrate your existing resources on other core areas of analysis. Together and in partnership, you will be faster and analytically more broadly positioned.

We support you with a variety of ANALYTICS tools and experienced analysts.

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