Sustainability from the perspective of owners, investors and the financial sector.

Franz Knecht has been advising Swiss and international companies from the financial sector and industry as well as public institutions and NGOs since 1999 on the economic relevance of sustainability for strategy and product development, management systems, ethical investments, M&A, stakeholder dialogue and integrated reporting.

Franz Knecht has been a member of expert committees at the European Union, UNEP FI, VfU, IPCC, GRI and WBCSD, among others, for over twenty years. He is a lawyer and, before becoming self-employed, worked for SMEs and in the banking sector, where he held a leading position from 1991 onward in the concretisation and integration of sustainability aspects in the financial sector. Pioneering achievements were made in the areas of in-house ecology, environmental credit risk, ethical investment products, investment banking and reporting.