ESG Benchmarking

Compare ESG performance using benchmarking dashboards

We analyze the ESG performance of companies in our target sectors. Through the use of machine learning, we evaluate ESG reporting not only on the basis of key figures. With Natural Language Processing as part of Machine Learning we also analyze texts and graphics.

ESG-Dashboards: ESG dashboards: We visualize the ESG performance in comparison to the peers.

To view ESG ratings in isolation from financials is not expedient: out of the large number of ESG factors, we focus on the parameters that are specifically relevant to financial performance. We discuss these parameters in our expert group of ESG specialists, auditors, economists and capital market analysts. Compensation systems are increasingly including ESG performance. Expand your ESG toolkit as a strategic management decision.

Bridging the disciplines

"ESG meets Financials"

Effect on cash flow analyses

ESG Simulations

Simulations offer themselves as a tool

The social relevance has increased. How fast this changes the framework conditions for companies is uncertain – the strategic relevance has already risen massively. Does uncertainty permit the conclusion that quantification as management can be left out of the equation? The answer is “no” because simulations give impulses for management decisions.

Simulate the effects on the business model and cash flows of the company

Social action and financial value creation are not contradictory. We have the tools to visualize this.

Our experienced ESG partner RKDS – please refer to the professional experience of Dr. Sebastian Reich and Franz Knecht in the menu item “Team”.

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