Integrated analysis kit

The entire range of our analytics services in a customized dashboard

A cockpit for decision makers: We have compiled millions of data for you in our database in the form of suitable and comparable structures: Relevant macroeconomic data series, sector ratios and, in particular, the detailed data base of the companies. We apply our own analysis tools to this database. The results are visualized with business intelligence tools and transferred to a dashboard. We make this comprehensive range of services available to corporates and are happy to present you with supplementary topic studies on a regular basis. Our approach is based on partnership.

Take advantage of our treasure trove of data, tools and visualizations.


Company-specific dashboard: We start with a workshop. You receive your individualized “cockpit” that suits your specific needs. You choose which building blocks from the subsets Benchmarking, Simulation and ESG are relevant for you. This process naturally includes the incorporation of your corporate design.

You configure the dashboard in dialogue with us

"Analysis Manufactory 2.0."

We compile the dashboard in a workshop with you

Navigation in times of uncertainty

Perfect supplement for your planning tools and impulses for decision-makers

Navigation in times of uncertainty: In uncertain times, the pressure on decision makers to set the right course increases. The planning plausibility check becomes more difficult and the inquiries of stakeholders and the supervisory board are becoming more frequent and intense. The liability risks for management become higher. Benefit from more transparency with our data and tools.

Demonstrate that finance is taking the next digital step with dashboards and complementary analytics

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